Friday, June 15, 2007

Showing Rich what blogs are for

Not much news yet, but I'm showing Rich why blogs are good. The trash can should appear below any comment that you've added. You can edit your posts by clicking on the pencil that appears below the post.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bankston book completely done - and set aside for now

I'm so happy that I can edit previous posts. But blogging is seductive - schedule & weather insists that I stop this nonsense and work on rock wall.

The Bankson-Bankston volume is now completely finished except for Adobe Acrobat file creation. Not sure when I'll do that & create CD.

Cousin Gloria is down with poison ivy swelling shutting one eye. No telling until Friday if I'll go to Van Wert or not. I'm inclined to go although I could make great use of the weekend here and save boring travel miles (motorcycling miles are never really, truly boring).

That was the important news today. Harry Long's maps index is next (I still haven't called him.)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I again woke up at 5am with the first light of the day. Google's "new" toys have seduced me away from my usual activities. I've spent a lot of time putting photos onto Picasa, especially the photos of Harry Long's plat maps of Augusta County, Virginia and the Schenck & Briney deeds I found for my sister last week. It takes too long to crop each picture to reduce size, space, and download time.
Then I discovered Google documents to create indexes into those albums. Once there Google slyly mentioned blogging, so here I sit blogging while waiting for my coffee to brew. None of this is mentioned in my website because I've been just too busy with all these fun things to do.
Walt & Pam return today. The grass is mowed, rock wall ready for discussion, but I have house cleaning to do. Coffee done, blog done. URLs to follow in next blog. And yes, I "get it", blogging is quick whereas web sites are not.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Whew, mowed yard, spread grass, added fifty feet of decorative rock wall foundation, worked on Rich's house plan in "Home Designer". Household maintenance is no fun - thank God I don't have to pay the bills. I'll be happy to move on after Walt & Pam return - although the movement planned is only over to Van Wert to help Jim & Gloria with their fixer upper - until the motorcycling trip in the Smokies over July 4th.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

document URLs

Gosh, I thought that the URL of the document would be dropped into the blog. I had no idea that the entire document (but not the URL) would appear. My blog was then 90% genealogy - accidentally. Fortunately Blogger allowed me to delete that post [and obviously edit this one]. I still have to wonder why blog and what to blog [but the light dawned].

The first document is a partial index to Warren County, Ohio Deeds involving selected Schencks and Darke County, Ohio Deeds involving certain Brineys. Here is that document URL:
Another document lists all the names found on the plat maps of Augusta County, Virginia created by Harry Long. It is public at
Next Rambo research notes at

And my web site

and the Rambo book website at

although a Google search for Ron Beatty or Rambo genealogy show my sites first. (Thanks Google, your owners & policy makers must be wonderful, wonderful people.)

And my pictures at

(Interesting that neither documents nor blog posts make those URLs into links whereas the documents above are clickable.)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Well, one thing leads to another ... again. Hi Richard, now I'm blogging too.
This started when I made my new Google document "public" and was told it could automatically post the news and URL to my blog.

Lord knows I ramble on enough. No telling what a blog will do for me. My other blog is