Tuesday, June 5, 2007

document URLs

Gosh, I thought that the URL of the document would be dropped into the blog. I had no idea that the entire document (but not the URL) would appear. My blog was then 90% genealogy - accidentally. Fortunately Blogger allowed me to delete that post [and obviously edit this one]. I still have to wonder why blog and what to blog [but the light dawned].

The first document is a partial index to Warren County, Ohio Deeds involving selected Schencks and Darke County, Ohio Deeds involving certain Brineys. Here is that document URL:
Another document lists all the names found on the plat maps of Augusta County, Virginia created by Harry Long. It is public at
Next Rambo research notes at

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although a Google search for Ron Beatty or Rambo genealogy show my sites first. (Thanks Google, your owners & policy makers must be wonderful, wonderful people.)

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(Interesting that neither documents nor blog posts make those URLs into links whereas the documents above are clickable.)

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