Saturday, June 9, 2007

I again woke up at 5am with the first light of the day. Google's "new" toys have seduced me away from my usual activities. I've spent a lot of time putting photos onto Picasa, especially the photos of Harry Long's plat maps of Augusta County, Virginia and the Schenck & Briney deeds I found for my sister last week. It takes too long to crop each picture to reduce size, space, and download time.
Then I discovered Google documents to create indexes into those albums. Once there Google slyly mentioned blogging, so here I sit blogging while waiting for my coffee to brew. None of this is mentioned in my website because I've been just too busy with all these fun things to do.
Walt & Pam return today. The grass is mowed, rock wall ready for discussion, but I have house cleaning to do. Coffee done, blog done. URLs to follow in next blog. And yes, I "get it", blogging is quick whereas web sites are not.

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